For over 100 years, the generous support of donors has helped to ensure that Palolo Chinese Home’s facilities, programs and services continue to meet the growing elder care needs of our community. Palolo Chinese Home is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, and our federal tax ID # is 99-0073521.You can continue the tradition of supporting excellent care for Hawaii’s seniors by making a charitable contribution to one or more of our areas of giving:

  • Annual Fund – to cover the costs of daily operations to provide care and support to our residents. Please click [here] to make a gift on line.
  • Capital Projects – for the buildings that house our seniors and major equipment used in their care. Please click [here] for information on Caring for Generations: A Capital Campaign for our planned new Skilled Nursing Complex.
  • Endowment – funds held in perpetuity that generate annual income to support PCH priorities in good as well as challenging economic times. Please click [here] for information on endowment fund options.


  • Cash gifts, and/or pledges paid over a period of years. You can also make special tribute contributions to honor a friend or relative on a special occasion, or to honor the memory of a loved one. If you itemize, a charitable tax deduction applies. Please click [here] to make a gift on line.
  • A gift of appreciated securities provides you with an income tax deduction, and avoids the capital gains tax on the appreciation, if you have held the assets for longer than one year. For instructions on how to make a gift of appreciated securities please click [here].
  • By donating appreciated real estate, in addition to receiving a tax deduction, you can relieve yourself of management responsibility. Please contact Darryl Ing at 808-739-6033 for more information.
  • If you wish to support PCH now, and receive the assets back later when you may need additional funds for retirement, health care, or future investments, you may do so with a charitable lead trust.
  • Alternatively, if your estate will be subject to gift or estate taxes when you leave it to your heirs, you can contribute cash, appreciated securities or real estate to a charitable lead trust now and provide income to PCH for a period of time, after which the assets in the trust are distributed with significantly reduced transfer taxes to whomever you have chosen. This plan also allows you to control when your heirs receive their inheritance. Please contact Darryl Ing at 808-739-6033 for more information.


  • A gift made by bequest through your will or revocable living trust allows you to use and control your assets during your lifetime. You can specify an amount, a percentage of your estate, or specific assets. Bequests of all sizes make a difference and are greatly appreciated. It is not difficult to make a bequest. Please click [here] for suggested bequest language and to request a complimentary copy of a Bequest Toolkit.
  • You can also make a bequest by naming PCH beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy or retirement fund. Simply ask your plan administrator for a beneficiary form, fill it out and return it. Retirement plan assets that grow tax free generally are not good assets to leave to heirs because they incur taxes. Because there are no taxes on retirement plan assets left to charity, you may want to leave retirement assets to charity and other assets to your heirs.


  • A charitable remainder trust provides lifetime income to you and/or additional beneficiaries, with the remainder passing to PCH. You receive an income tax charitable deduction for a portion of the value of the cash or other assets you contribute, and you avoid the immediate capital gains tax on any contributed appreciated assets. There is a great deal of flexibility with charitable remainder trusts, so please contact Darryl Ing at 808-739-6033 for more information and/or for an illustration at no obligation.

The information on this website is for general information and is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please consult your legal and tax advisors about how these  plans can work specifically for you and your loved ones. We would be happy to  meet with you and your advisors to discuss these opportunities. For additional   information, please contact, in confidence, Darryl Ing at (808) 739-6033 .           

Palolo Chinese Home Endowment Funds

Endowment funds help to secure a financially stable future for PCH. They also provide opportunities for recognition of donors who establish named endowed funds. Endowment funds are invested and generate essential revenue, beyond what annual fundraising can provide, to support special programs, changing technology, up-to-date facilities, and annual operations. A growing endowment is necessary to enable PCH, in good times as well as bad, to meet new challenges and take advantage of special opportunities that arise.

The Board of Directors, with the assistance of financial professionals, oversees the endowment’s investment. Funds are held in perpetuity, and each year a percentage of the market value, according to a distribution policy approved annually by the Board, supports PCH’s greatest priorities.

You, or you and your family, can make a gift or gifts that will benefit PCH in perpetuity. Endowments may be unrestricted or designated to special programs or projects of your choice, with approval by PCH.

Our endowment has the following components:

  • The General Endowment is unrestricted and annually distributes funds to be used for PCH’s greatest priorities. Current gifts of any size, as well as the proceeds from estate gifts designated for endowment, build this fund.
  • Named Family Funds also generate unrestricted revenue to be used for PCH’s greatest priorities. Individuals and families can establish a named endowed family fund with a minimum gift of $10,000. You can ensure that your annual support continues after you are gone by establishing a Family Fund. You can also remember or honor a loved one with a named Family Fund. Additional contributions may be made at any time, and PCH encourages bequest gifts to build or establish Family Funds.

If you would like additional information about Palolo Chinese Home endowment funds, please contact, in confidence, Darryl Ing at (808) 739-6033.

  • To make a gift of securities to benefit Palolo Chinese Home, please instruct your broker to transfer the stock to:

Wachovia Securities LLC   DTC #: 0141

Account Title: The Palolo Chinese Home Account Number 6569-6359

Representative: Thomas A. Lau/Herman S.O. Ching

Branch Code: HNA2

Representative #: HN46 (Lau)

Phone Numbers: 808-547-5330 (Thomas Lau); 808-547-5266 (Herman Ching)

Please ask your broker to mention the name of the stock, the number of shares, and any special instructions for the use of your gift. Please send a copy of these instructions to Darryl Ing, Chief Executive Officer, Palolo Chinese Home, 2459 10th Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816-3051, or by fax to (808) 735-1754, so that we may properly credit and acknowledge your gift. If you have stock certificates, please contact Darryl, in confidence, at (808) 739-6033.

  • To make a bequest:   If you would like to help care for Hawaii's elders by remembering Palolo Chinese Home in your estate plan, here are some suggested language that you can take to your attorney for a provision in your Will or Revocable Living Trust:       "I give OR direct my trustee to distribute to Palolo Chinese Home, a Hawaii not-for-profit corporation located in Honolulu, Hawaii."
    • the sum of $______, or
    • the following property_____________, or
    • _____% of my estate, or
    • _____% of the rest and residue of my estate,

    To be used

    • for its general purposes, or
    • for its general endowment, or
    • to establish the ___________ (name) endowment fund for a purpose outlined in a gift agreement with Palolo Chinese Home.



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The care my mom, Jane Omori, receives at PCH has been EXCELLENT. We cannot express how happy our family has been with the care provided by PCH in all regards! When my mother’s condition worsened to where she had to be transferred from the care home section to the skilled nursing unit, the transition was so well coordinated that it really put our family’s concern at ease. We cannot say enough about the staff at PCH. They are all, without exception, the most caring dedicated, cheerful staff we have ever experienced!

– Carl Omori

PCH Caring for Generations Capital Campaign for a new Progressive Care Complex

Rapid growth in Hawaii’s senior population has put tremendous strain on families. In addition, Hawaii has the fewest long-term care bed in the nation. PCH is addressing these issues with the expansion and modernization of our campus buildings.

Our new Progressive Care Complex (scheduled for completion in early 2016) will meet the wants and needs of tomorrow’s baby boomer senior citizens. Plans call for a new 15,000 square-foot building that will increase the Home’s overall capacity to 130 nursing and care home beds. The one-story facility will have a large courtyard with adjacent areas for group dining, activities and events.

The renovation of PCH’s existing Victoria Ward Hall (built in 1965) will complete the Progressive Care Complex. Along with offices and meeting rooms, the centerpiece of the renovated building will be the new PCH Rehabilitation Center that will provide therapy services for both PCH campus residents as well as people living at home.

The goal of the PCH Caring for Generations Campaign is $7.5 million. PCH depends on the generous donations and support of the community. Please click [here] to download a campaign gift form.