About Us

Our Commitment

Extending Our Welcome to All Families

In 1896, a group of visionary community leaders saw the need to take care of Chinese immigrant men who had nowhere to turn after the closure of the plantations. They formed Palolo Chinese Home. That same spirit of caring and commitment to reach out to others continues today.

The Chinese believed in the concept of “filial piety,” a deep sense of caring for elder family members. Palolo Chinese Home has carried on that tradition for more than a century and serves all of Hawaii. Palolo Chinese Home is now a preferred, premier provider of long term care among Hawaii’s families, serving men and women of all ethnicities.

Caring for Hawaii’s Elders
Palolo Chinese Home specializes in serving elders with no age minimums or limits. Our nursing staff starts with an assessment of all prospective residents to determine their needs. Admission is based on functional abilities and nursing care needs.

Our History

Palolo Chinese Home’s rich history began in Hawaii in the 19th century. Beginning in 1852, the Chinese were the first of many to immigrate to Hawaii as sugar plantation laborers. Their contracts with the plantations gave them food and shelter, but once these contracts ended, the former plantation laborers had no housing, were often destitute, and lived off the street.

Each of the ethnic groups that came to Hawaii brought their own traditions and values to the host culture. The Chinese maintained a 3000-year-old ethic of filial piety and benevolence towards the elderly. This respect and care for elders motivated 326 of Hawaii’s Chinese leaders to launch a drive in 1896 to establish a hospital in downtown Honolulu to serve the homeless.

The needs of the community changed, but there continued to be a need for a “home for the aged and infirmed.” Funds from the defunct Chinese Hospital were added to community contributions to purchase 15 acres in Palolo Valley on Oahu, the site of the Palolo Chinese Home, to serve people of all ethnicities.

Our Affiliations and Strategic Partners

Over the past century of serving Hawaii’s elders, Palolo Chinese Home has established partnerships and affiliations with many groups and organizations to serve the community.

We serve as educational sites for high schools, community colleges, and universities.

  • High School Affiliations
  • Punahou School
  • Roosevelt High School
  • Maryknoll School
  • Creighton University – Nursing
  • Chaminade University – Nursing
  • University of Phoenix
  • University of Hawaii
    • School of Nursing
    • School of Social Work
    • School of Public Health
  • John A. Burns School of Medicine
  • Nurse Aide Training Programs
  • Red Cross
  • Professional Healthcare Educators
  • Job Corps

We also partner with many service providers to complement our continuum of care.

  • All Islands Case Management
  • Aloha Pacific Mobile Imaging
  • Bayada Home Health Care
  • Bristol Hospice
  • Brighton Rehabilitation
  • CareResource Hawaii
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Services
  • Islands Hospice
  • Kahu Malama Nurses
  • Pharmerica
  • Prime Care Services Hawaii
  • St. Francis Hospice

We partner with others in the industry to improve Hawaii’s health care delivery system.

  • Aloha United Way
  • American Association for Retired Persons (AARP)
  • Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  • Hawaii Employer’s Council
  • Hawaii Lions District 50
  • Healthcare Association of Hawaii
  • Honolulu Neighborhood Commission
  • Kaimuki Business and Professional Association

Our Mission and Values

Everyone celebrates the blessing of “long life.” At Palolo Chinese Home, the Chinese character for longevity (shou) is a part of our logo, which was designed by Hawaii’s venerable designer, the late Clarence Lee. The artist added two brush strokes to form a roof over the Chinese character and incorporated the Chinese character for people of mankind (ren). The result is an image of a roof embracing long life – our wish for you. The unbroken circle around the character signifies our mission of continuous care and respect for our kupuna (elders).

> OUR PURPOSE: To assist and care for the aged and indigent, to maintain homes for them, to aid in the alleviation of human suffering and distress, and to carry on works of charity, mercy and benevolence.

> OUR MISSION: To assist and care for elders and their families by providing a continuum of care, which is professional and interdisciplinary, in a culturally sensitive family setting.

> OUR VISION: Palolo Chinese Home will be a state-of-the-art, accredited, continuing care retirement community with both on-site and off-site activities serving a wide range of multi-ethnic elders in a culturally sensitive environment on a beautiful campus in Hawaii.

> CORE VALUES AND BELIEFS: The following terms describe the Palolo Chinese Home team’s commitment to strong values that prescribe our performance and behavior towards our residents, visitors, and toward each other. Our values make up the acronym “TRIBE” which is a group of interlinked people, families and communities sharing a common way of life.


We expect each member of the care-giving team to have great sense of dedication and loyalty. We want to work with professionals that are well trained and love to work as a team. We know that working together as a team we will achieve far greater results than by working individually. We have a common goal, which is to provide the highest quality of care for the elderly.

We listen actively; to our residents and families, and to each other. We give straightforward truthful answers. We will attend to the needs of our residents in a professional and honest manner. We will have mutual respect between members of the care-giving team to provide a positive productive atmosphere for all.

We have the resident’s best interest in mind. We strive to maintain the highest standards in our care. We will never compromise to what could be considered questionable behavior.

Palolo Chinese Home is the altruistic creation of the unbiased kindness to do good for the elderly. We will continue to expand and grow with that altruism in mind. It is vital for us to be empathetic and alleviate the suffering of the elderly. We will care for each resident as a member of our family.

Our goal is to provide the best care. We are a positive, fun, happy and home-like place for our residents and families. Palolo Chinese Home will be the “Home of Choice” desired by the community. We are the ultimate destination for complete care. Our aim for Palolo Chinese Home is to be the recognized model for elderly care on a local, national and international level.