“Our daughter Lori was admitted into Palolo Chinese Home last year for skilled nursing care due to her progressive battle with Multiple Sclerosis/Devic’s disease.  Here at Palolo Chinese Home, we know that she is enjoying the care that the staff has been giving her; by the aides, nurses, food staff and even administrative staff…Everyone here has made such a wonderful impact in her life and we are so thankful.”


– David & Patsy Oshiro

Residential and Campus Based Programs


Palolo Chinese Home has been able to help Hawaii’s families find an appropriate level of care for their loved ones and the growing demand for long term care. Residential Program placement and rates are based on the client’s degree of need and the type of services necessary to meet those needs. A Level of Care (LOC) evaluation is performed prior to admission and periodically thereafter to determine the degree of services needed.

Factors taken into consideration when determining the client’s LOC are:

  • Functional status, or the ability to manage daily routines;
  • Medical/health condition, and whether they are chronic or severe;
  • Behavior, and the need for monitoring and/or management
  • Frequency of contact by licensed professionals

Interested in our Community Based Programs?

Skilled Nursing and Intermediate Care

When family members can no longer remain at home because of a chronic health condition, Palolo Chinese Home welcomes them to our home. Our trained health professionals provide around the clock care to ensure your loved ones receive the attention and care they need.

Palolo Chinese Home is licensed by the State of Hawaii and certified by Medicare and Medicaid to provide intermediate and skilled nursing residential services. Our entire team of nurses, therapists, and other health professionals develop personalized care plans to maximize your family member’s potential to experience the best quality of life.

Hospice Care

Hospice care is a specialized kind of care to help those who may have a terminal illness. Instead of seeking a cure, hospice care helps individuals continue to enjoy a life full of comfort and dignity. Palolo Chinese Home partners with local hospice providers to provide care for our residents as well as family members who may need emotional and spiritual support.

Rehabilitation Services

A nursing home is a place of healing for those recovering from an injury or illness. Palolo Chinese Home’s rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to help residents recover before returning home.

Helping you safely move about in the community is one our priorities. Our physical therapists focus on fall prevention and balance activities, safety and endurance, safe transfers, caregiver and family education and more.

Palolo Chinese Home helps to foster independence. Our occupational therapists help you regain the ability to dress, bathe and use the toilet on your own. Palolo Chinese Home shows you how to safely use adaptive equipment for dressing, grooming and toileting.

Our speech therapists play a key role in assessing and treating swallowing dysfunction. This can include diet modifications, teaching new swallowing techniques, and developing tailored assisted feeding programs. Our therapists help with verbal expression and comprehension, attention and orientation, reasoning, memory training, and vocal quality.

Nutritious Meals

In the Islands, food represents a special way of connecting with each other. As we age, food becomes even more important to maintain our quality of life. Palolo Chinese Home’s full-service, state-of-the-art kitchen team prepares 130,000 meals annually to meet the nutritional needs of the seniors in all of our programs and to exceed their expectations.

Our diverse, multi-ethnic menu of local favorites reflects the preferences of the residents of our nursing home and care home, senior day care program participants as well as our Meals-to-Go participants who receive meals delivered to their homes.

Adult Residential Care

When Palolo Chinese Home opened more than a century ago, it was one of the first institutions of its kind in the nation. Today, we continue to be a leader in providing quality, affordable, home-like care. We offer a number of residential options on our beautiful, 15-acre campus with services that include medical oversight, assistance with activities of daily living, and daily social, cultural and restorative activities. Expanded care, dementia care, and diabetes care are also available.

Overnight Respite Care

Palolo Chinese Home provides short-term, temporary care for seniors, so that families can take a break from their daily caregiving routine. Our overnight respite program lets families tend to other responsibilities or go on a vacation, with peace of mind that their loved one is receiving attention in a supervised, structured care setting.

Overnight respite residents can join our adult residential care home residents for regular or periodic stays for a few days or several weeks. They enjoy all of the same services as our other adult residential care  home residents on the Palolo Chinese Home campus.

Senior Day Care

Every day of the week, Palolo Chinese Home’s Senior Day Care program gives seniors a welcoming place to enjoy stimulating activities and exercise, talk with other seniors, and dine on nutritious meals together.

Our program seamlessly blends activities with care services to enhance the well-being of all of our participants and to maximize their level of functioning. This allows seniors to continue living at home with family and receive supervised care while family members work or take care of other responsibilities.

Our Senior Day Care program hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., seven days a week, including most holidays.

Community Based Programs

Hawaii Neighborhood Outreach to the Aged (HiNOA)

Palolo Chinese Home (PCH) has been guided an important underlying philosophy for more than 100 years. We provide healthy aging nurtures the body, mind and spirit of our residents and their families, and to provide these services at the highest quality, while maintaining the most reasonable cost. This allows us to conveniently offer services in your community without compromising quality of care.

The Hawaii Neighborhood Outreach to the Aged Program (HiNOA) is a community-based, integrated provider network to serve senior individuals who wish to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

The goals of HiNOA are to:

  • Provide pertinent information and referral by phone for Hawaii’s families;
  • Reduce costs for the frail elderly by providing various options in services and frequency of service in their own homes;
  • Provide support for families, increasing the capacity of the family to provide ongoing care to their loved ones and to reduce family stress;
  • Promote health and wellness by raising awareness and reducing demands for premature institutional admissions;
  • Maximize independence and choice, and promote social and civic engagement.

For HiNOA services, call (808) 748-7994.

In-Home Personal Care

Many seniors are able to continue living at home with the support our In-Home Personal Care team. We help with personal care needs such as bathing, toileting, meal preparation and clean-up.

Palolo Chinese Home’s certified team members also provide companionship and engage in activities and exercise to keep seniors in optimal health to enhance their quality of life.


To assist seniors living at home, Palolo Chinese Home’s meal delivery service provides nutritious meals prepared in our kitchen to meet their prescribed dietary needs. We deliver meals Monday through Friday, for lunch and dinner.

The same hot, nutritious meals are also available frozen and can be purchased in bulk. Seniors can choose from a variety of meals and families have the option of having the frozen meals delivered or they can pick them up directly from Palolo Chinese Home to avoid a delivery charge.

Home Cleaning Services

Many seniors may enjoy living independently at home, but keeping up with daily chores on their own is difficult. It can also be challenging for busy family caregivers.

Palolo Chinese Home’s aides will come to your home to take care of your chores such as dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. This ensures seniors can live in a safe, clean environment. Limited grant funds are available to help subsidize the cost of home cleaning services for seniors who meet certain income requirements.

Good Neighbor Concierge Referral Services

Finding the right kind of service for an aging family member is challenging. You may have to make quick decisions, but may not be familiar with what is available or appropriate. Palolo Chinese Home has its own information and referral services called the Good Neighbor Concierge Referral Services. It’s a free, community service to help anyone seeking assistance and information on caregiver and senior care.